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Deeper into India  (art + spirituality)  February 2020

Deeper into India (art + spirituality) February 2020

Magical Morocco (TBA)

Magical Morocco (TBA)

Deeper into Bali  (yoga + art)  March 2020

Deeper into Bali (yoga + art) March 2020

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Deeper into India Feb. 2-23, 2020 $3395

Kim and Friends in Indian Bazaar

Are you passionate about artisans, craft and the importance of creativity ?

Are you drawn to the sacred, the colorful, the beautiful?

Does the thought of 2 weeks celebrating, creating, and exploring India leave you breathless? This woman-only, small group tour has been designed for a positive social impact and is co-led by 2 women (1 from from India and 1 from the USA).

Do join us on a maker’s adventure to India: 8 workshops, 6 cities, countless villages, and travel by train, plane and automobile! (Tour dates include international travel.)

Join Kriti Bisht of Miss Guide You + Kim Hammer of SUTRA global journeys!

Deeper into Bali March 14 - 29, 2020

Bali … More than a retreat, and so much more than a tour!

Bali … More than a retreat, and so much more than a tour!

The island paradise of Bali is the perfect destination for a retreat vacation of your dreams!  Nourish yourself - mind, body and soul - within the culture, art, spirituality and healthy cuisine this breathtakingly beautiful tropical space!  Find yourself luxuriating with a Balinese spa massage, snorkeling/beach time, and a deeper exploration of yoga and art to refresh and renew yourself from the inside out.  

Co-led by Kim Hammer of SUTRA global journeys and Kat Soper of PALM + PINE. The travel dates include international travel.

Are you seeking a renewed relationship with yourself, mind, body soul and spirit? Contact us today!

Magical Morocco Dates to be announced


Morocco is vibrant and colorful, brimming with artfully created architecture, handicrafts and rugs reflecting its Islamic and Berber cultures.  Each day in this Northwest African country offers a new landscape, from the Mediterranean Sea to the edge of the Sahara; from the Atlas and Rif Mountains to the ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites of medinas, madrasas and kasbahs.

Lovers of art and animals (camels safari, anyone?)

This tour will be offered by request during the mid-autumn of 2020. If you are interested in travelling to Morocco on your own, please contact us. We can offer guidance on reliable drivers, hotel/riad recommendations, activities and sites to see, as well as amazing guides.