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SUTRA global imports brings the beauty of handmade South Asia to the Midwest in a curated fairtrade collection  artfully staged in a renovated century barn in Dakota, Minnesota and through online sales. We also host workshops and talks in our space and Kim Hammer leads tours to India and Bali.

Empathic: Surviving + Thriving with Sensitivities


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Empathic: Surviving + Thriving with Sensitivities

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Empathic: Surviving + Thriving with Sensitivities

Wednesday August 8, 2018



As an empath, you don’t just tune in and observe external data and stimuli, you have a natural tendency to internalize it and experience it as if it were your own.

Do you experience strong or extreme emotions? Have you been accused of being too sensitive? Have you entered a room and sensed the mood of the people there or people who were there before you? Have you ever felt an emotion without knowing why or where it came from? Do you have powerful emotional responses to certain music, television, movies, etc.? Do you feel drained or exhausted after being in the company of others? Are you easily overwhelmed by large groups or public places? Do you recharge your batteries by being alone or in nature? These are some of the signs that you are empathic.

Being an empath can be a significant drain on your energy, health, and emotions because you can easily mistake outside energies and downloads as your own feelings, physical ailments, and anxieties. But being sensitive doesn’t mean you have to become a recluse in order to maintain joy and wellness. You can, in fact, learn to recognize and use your empathic superpowers to enhance your life experience.

In this workshop, you will learn to …

  • Identify empathic triggers
  • Decipher which emotions and feelings are yours and which are empathic downloads
  • Minimize exposure without sacrificing quality of life
  • Incorporate effective protection techniques for daily and situational use
  • Learn strategies for cleansing yourself and your environment of foreign energies
  • Create and enforce healthy personal boundaries
  • Discover the benefits of being empathic

Melissa Divine is a professionally trained psychic medium known for accuracy, compassion, and a congenial manner. Her empathic sensitives heightened significantly when she developed as a psychic, which made it necessary to learn and adopt new ways of being for her own health and happiness. Melissa teaches workshops on a variety of spirituality and metaphysical topics and is the founder of Evolve Coulee Region, an online directory for body+mind+spirit+green resources. To learn more about Melissa, visit