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SUTRA global imports brings the beauty of handmade South Asia to the Midwest in a curated fairtrade collection  artfully staged in a renovated century barn in Dakota, Minnesota and through online sales. We also host workshops and talks in our space and Kim Hammer leads tours to India and Bali.

Synchronicities: Spirit is talking. Are you listening?


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Synchronicities: Spirit is talking. Are you listening?

  • Sutra global imports 570 Main Street Dakota, MN, 55925 United States (map)

Synchronicities: Spirit is talking. Are you listening?

Wednesday June 6, 2018



Have you experienced persistent number sequences on clocks, license plates, or even while balancing your checkbook and wondered what it meant? Have you ever inwardly pondered a question and thought it peculiar when you later overheard someone advocating the very option you considered? Have you ever had a dream and been taken aback when you later saw the same signs or symbols in your waking life? These are all examples of synchronicities, otherwise known as “meaningful coincidences” (a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung).

After working with Spirit and giving hundreds if not a thousand mediumship readings, Melissa Divine declares the things we often write off as coincidence are in fact messages from Spirit or the Universe guiding us on our physical journeys.

In this workshop, we will dive into more examples of synchronistic occurrences and share some of our own. We will discuss how they happen, what they mean, and what to make of them when they do. We will also discuss strategies for recognizing them, interpreting them, and even for manifesting them in your life as guideposts or spirit communication. 

Spirit is talking even by presenting to you this workshop description. The question is, are you listening?

Melissa Divine is a professionally trained psychic medium known for her accuracy, compassion, and congenial manner. She encountered countless synchronicities—some subtle and some monumental—during her psychic awakening, and she has helped many clients and students to recognize and interpret the synchronicities that perplex them. Melissa teaches workshops on a variety of spirituality and metaphysical topics and is the founder of Evolve Coulee Region, an online directory for body+mind+spirit+green resources. To learn more about Melissa, visit