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SUTRA global imports brings the beauty of handmade South Asia to the Midwest in a curated fairtrade collection  artfully staged in a renovated century barn in Dakota, Minnesota and through online sales. We also host workshops and talks in our space and Kim Hammer leads tours to India and Bali.

SOLD OUT Meet Your Spirit Helpers with Melissa Divine


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SOLD OUT Meet Your Spirit Helpers with Melissa Divine

None of us walks this world alone. We all have a team of spirit helpers to guide and support us in various areas of physical life and spiritual development. Each of our spirit helpers has a different purpose and interest in our development and a different way of communicating and working with us. It may surprise you to know they know more about our path, our dreams, our skills, and our fears than we do. Isn’t it time you get to know them?

Learn the difference between angels, guides, helpers, and your ancestors and loved ones in the Spirit world and learn to recognize their presence/guidance. We will define how each group works with you, what their purpose is, and you will have an opportunity to meet and communicate with your helpers in a guided meditation.

Melissa Divine is a psychic medium whose psychic development started by getting acquainted with her spirit team and family. She works with clients, students, and others on a path of spiritual unfoldment to inspire trust in their innate and eternal connection to Spirit and Universal Consciousness. Learn more about Melissa at