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SUTRA global imports brings the beauty of handmade South Asia to the Midwest in a curated fairtrade collection  artfully staged in a renovated century barn in Dakota, Minnesota and through online sales. We also host workshops and talks in our space and Kim Hammer leads tours to India and Bali.

Herbal Herstory: Wild Women of Herbalism with Amy Shea


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Herbal Herstory: Wild Women of Herbalism with Amy Shea

While not well documented for much of history, women have played a powerful and foundational role throughout the history of herbalism. Amy Shea invites you to walk the path our herbal herstory as we discuss women such as Hildegard von Bingen, Juliette de Baracli Levy, and those who kept working with the healing ways of old in spite of what the “authorities” dictated. These are our ancestors, grandmothers, and the wise women who those in power often dubbed “witch”. Their legacy lives on in those among us who follow the traditional wisdom of simple everyday herbalism.

AMY SHEA BIO:  My name is Amy Shea. I am the owner of Wise Waters Botanicals. I’m a Master Herbalist and Reiki Master. Wise Waters Botanicals offers me the opportunity to share my passion for plants and people with you. I work with people who are interested in learning about ways that they can create and build self care programs that incorporate herbs and other tools into their daily routines to work towards and maintain their optimal wellness goals. My goal is to encourage a sense of self reliance and self empowerment in people who are seeking ways to complement or diversify their current wellness practices by incorporating botanical remedies and natural techniques to their daily lives. My areas of particular interest are herbal materia medica, medieval herb lore, herbal support for chronic illnesses and cancer, ethical and sustainable wildcrafting, and plants as a part of spiritual practice. My interests grow and expand, evolve and refine each year, but one thing really stays the same. I am very passionate to share my love of herbs with you, and I look forward to bringing you along this journey with me.

My path of herbalism began 16 years ago, when I participated in an “herbal apprenticeship” with Jessie Conaway. In 2014, I was accepted into the Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicines where I studied to become a Master Herbalist, a program that requires 1700-1900 of dedicated learning hours to graduate. I graduated second in my class with just shy of 2500 hours and continue to add to my education and experience. Currently, I serve a contracted instructor with Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicines. I was the lead instructor for the Materia Medica portion of the Master Herbalist program for 2015-2016, which represents 400+ hours of the Master Herbalist program per student. At this point, I am nearing 3000 hours of experience as an herbalist. I am also an organizer for the Winona Herbal Education Society, a community herbal education group in Winona, MN.