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SUTRA global imports brings the beauty of handmade South Asia to the Midwest in a curated fairtrade collection  artfully staged in a renovated century barn in Dakota, Minnesota and through online sales. We also host workshops and talks in our space and Kim Hammer leads tours to India and Bali.

Reincarnation & ‘Past-Life’ Regression with Melissa Divine


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Reincarnation & ‘Past-Life’ Regression with Melissa Divine

As souls, we have lived many lifetimes, learned many lessons, and suffered many fates. What are commonly referred to as “past” lifetimes are really just a continuation of one great journey. In each incarnation, we build upon that which has been learned (or not learned) in other lifetimes, we reconnect with the same souls in new ways, and we sometimes carry the scars and burdens of previous lifetimes. Understanding these concepts can offer perspective and healing for life struggles, health concerns, relationship difficulties, and other hardships.


In this personal and experiential workshop, we will discuss the non-linear progression of lifetimes, soul contracts, soul groups, and soul lessons. We will contemplate the meaning of it all, address misconceptions, and share personal experiences. This enlightening discussion concludes with a guided past-life regression to encounter soul contracts, learn soul themes, and experience firsthand your “past” lifetime(s). Join us for this enlightening and healing experience to gain understanding of your soul’s unique journey.

Melissa Divine is a psychic medium who is passionate and curious about the journey of souls. She is intrigued by research findings from past-life regressions, experiences documented by those who have had near-death experiences, and information shared with her and other mediums in readings from Spirit. Learn more about Melissa at